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Are your staff really coming to work on time? Are they spending enough time at work? Don't worry anymore now you have a better  solution nto save time and money!  Biometric Fingerprint!  Make sure your staff ncomes on time by installing Biometric Attendance Solution.Benefits:n
  • Record- keep a central store of all your individuals attendance and companys working hours.
  • Regulate--Ensure your staff cannot falsify time recorded-the system can be setup so time can only be entered by signing in and out-this can only be done by precence of their finger.
  • Report--report to management so the company can keep an eye on attendance &dedication shown by each of the staff member.
While the advantages for employees are obvious, implementation & utilization of flexible working patterns may be even more advantageous for the employer. Allowing a flexible work schedule demonstrates that a company cares about the employees, plus the employee attends only during the required hour and is paid only for hours worked. Which leads to an increase in employee productivity and loyalty, while at the same time reducing absenteeism and turnover. Offering a flexible working pattern also aids with recruitment efforts. Organizations can better serve their customers through the ability to be open longer hours while avoiding the expense of overtime. Busy periods can be easily accommodated, with employees taking off those extra hours when things are slow. Without an automated tracking system it is almost impossible to keep track of different