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FatPipe Network is the inventor and multiple patents holder of technology that provides the highest levels of WAN optimization,reliability, security, and bandwidth management.FatPipes line of products cover an array of features and benefits for companies that run mission critical WAN applications over any type of instracture.Fatpipe products are deployed in some of the most mission critical and highly secure WANs in the United States and abroad. Fatpipe products enable companies to obtain low cost, redundant and fast internet access, allowing such corporations to implement intranets, e-commerce strstegies, VPNs and utilize application specific servers over the internet or WAN. Fatpipe router clustering products are the leading  alternative to BGP load balancing.Customer banefits include up to seven-nines(99.999988%)WAN, reliability WAN redundancy, speed, and dynamic load balancing.Quality of Service (QOS), data compression, enhanced VPN security, as well as VPN encryption capabilities are also available