About US

CSS was formed in 1996 and has since been able to grow into annestablishment that deals in the sales, service and maintenance ofncomputers, computer accessories & photocopy machines. In June 1996,nthe company was appointed official representative of Gateway computernin Tanzania.

Gateway is one of the top ten computer manufacturers in thenworld. It is a fortune 500 company founded in 1985. The company,nheadquartered in North Sioux City, South Dakota, has manufacturingnfacilities in the United States, Ireland and Malaysia.

In Mayn1998 Computer Sales & Services was appointed official representativenof Lanier photocopiers, faxes and multifunction devices (MFD) innTanzania. Lanier was founded in 1934. It is a sister company of HARRIS.nWhile most vendors are talking about "build it and they will come",nLanier remains committed to "bring us your needs and we will solve them"napproach.

In September 2001 Computer Sales & Services wasnappointed sales & service center for Stellar Information Systems.nThe company which understands the importance of Data and has dedicatednitself to data safety and recovery.In January 2003 we took over thenBusiness Center at Hotel SeaCliff where we not only provide businessncenter services but have also given internet connection to all the roomsnand have set-up hotspots though out the hotel. This was our pilotnproject for HPNA products. HPNA is product range which allows computernnetwork to be formed over an existing telephone network, no extrancabling or maintenance is required for the computer network.

InnFebruary 2004 we are opened a branch of Computer Sales & Services atnSeaCliff Village not only to get closer to our customer and decreasenthe extra mile they need to travel to get to us, but also to provideninternet connectivity to all the tenants and hotspot access for thenvisitors.

In 2005 we decided to resell HP & Dell that werenpurchased from the authorized distribution channel. This got usnregistered by both the manufacturers and the supplies would not only bensupported by our company workshop but also by any authorized servicencenters of the manufacturer.We do not limit ourselves when it comes tonmaintenance, we have been maintaining photocopy machines country wide,nwe have also supplied the odd machineries such as stamp cancellingnmachines, we are sure we can support all these machines as we haventechnicians qualified as electronic engineers, copier technicians,ncomputer software and hardware engineers, printer technicians networknengineers including fiber optic and further more we train them in housento our needs.

Our aim is to provide "Value for money" tonall our customers. As you may be aware, the changing times and businessnenvironment has made it necessary for many companies and individuals tonembrace computer assistance. In doing so companies have increased theirnefficienc